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Quick QR Menu for Restaurants

Our comprehensive Quick QR Menu for Restaurants
Quick QR Menu for Restaurants

Quick Menu is a digital QR menu/catalog solution that allows you to provide a digital product list to your clients. Clients can see your products with photos, descriptions and prices. Your catalog will be attractive and user-friendly with Quick Menu.

Many of the benefits associated with the use of restaurant management systems are related to automation and speeding up processes to improve the customer experience. Modern customers expect fast, frictionless service and restaurant management software play a key role in meeting these expectations.

Additionally, such solutions can serve as a critical piece of restaurant technology because they bring so many different processes together in a single location. A comprehensive restaurant management system will allow for payment processing, financial management, sales tracking, performance monitoring, personnel management, and more. The best restaurant management systems will share similar traits and features, including the following:


Cloud-based restaurant management software provides several benefits that more conventional on-premises deployment cannot. For instance, remote access to software becomes much more manageable, data is continually updated and backed up, and the start-up costs are minimised in exchange for predictable subscription fees.

Using software that relies on cloud infrastructure does require continuous internet access, but the benefits also extend to greater security and compatibility with other similar applications.

Quick QR Menu for Restaurants
Quick QR Menu for Restaurants

Reporting & Analytics

Another major part of restaurant management systems is reporting and analytics features. In most cases, an easily-accessible dashboard will provide a basic overview of the primary information that those involved in restaurant management may need to know on a daily basis. At the same time, more in-depth reports can also be generated.

This allows managers, owners and other leaders to keep a close eye on restaurant performance over time. Meanwhile, analytics tools can help restaurants assess, analyse and understand the vast amounts of data they collect.

Additional Integrations

Modern businesses tend to utilise a variety of different applications, and the data needs to be able to be passed between them as seamlessly as possible. This requires integration options, which is why such functionality is so essential for the very best restaurant management software solutions.

Service providers offer some cloud-based solutions that can customise the restaurant management system for each business based on the integrations they need. However, where this is not possible, a basic level of integration with CRM, revenue management and restaurant POS systems must be on offer.

Quick QR Menu for Restaurants
Quick QR Menu for Restaurants

Technical Support

Finally, your chosen restaurant management system must include technical support functions. After all, when things go wrong with your software or when you encounter system failures, it has the potential to disrupt your entire business, meaning solutions need to be found as quickly as possible. Technical support features can come in many forms, from access to live chat support or a ticketing system for accessing professional assistance to built-in help, troubleshooting and tutorial sections within the software itself.

5 Most Important Types of a Restaurant Management System There are several different categories of restaurant management systems or components that combine to make up the entire system, and you can learn about five of the most significant of these below:

POS System

As the name indicates, your restaurant POS system, or point-of-sale system, is where you carry out many sales tasks. Here, you can process card, cash, or mobile wallet payments, manage billing print receipts, and have all of this information automatically feed into more comprehensive company data. Modern, cloud-based POS systems are compatible with a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, iPads and other tablet devices. This has transformed point-of-sale processes for many restaurants because it means payments can be processed using portable devices that can also be used for various other tasks.

Quick QR Menu for Restaurants
Quick QR Menu for Restaurants

Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management software is designed to consolidate some of the basic management-related tasks involved in running a restaurant. For instance, it can bring together information from all online booking channels, allowing you to see all bookings and keep this data up-to-date to avoid double bookings.

The software can provide automation tools so that guests are automatically sent confirmation emails, or an email or SMS on the day of their booking, reminding them to attend. Reports can be generated, highlighting key performance indicators, while a dashboard provides a general overview of your current restaurant status.

Order Management Software

The order management software component of restaurant management systems is concerned with managing orders from customers and your orders from suppliers. As customers make orders, the information can be collected by your order management software and can automatically update current stock levels.

Generally, there will be options to view past orders from customers or access current orders so that guests receive the right food. As stock levels decrease, orders can be placed to suppliers for more of a particular product or ingredient, and orders can be monitored over time, so you can see how much of a specific item you are purchasing.

Quick QR Menu for Restaurants
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