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NFC Cards

Go-Green & Go-Digital


What is Nfc Card

Nfc Cards is an all-in-one personalized name card that contains your contact information and social links. Share it with just one tap, Nfc Cardz works off a built-in wireless chip that when placed near a phone, opens a link to your custom profile.

Data Security

Nfc -Cards uses contactless transfer technology similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It allows devices to send and receive bits of data or information. With security solutions like encryption and tokenization, there's a reduced risk of leaking the information from the physical card and the data inside, making it very safe and secure for an individual or a business owner.


NFC Cards Marketing

1. No need to carry so many printed business cards.

From affordability to accessibility, the N-Cardz will set new benchmarks to the paper counterparts.

2. Real-Time Profile Update.

You don’t need to build the online experience before completing your N-Cardz purchase.

3. Customizable Profile

Avoid printing new business cards when any contact information changes.

4. Long-term Cost-Savings

Smart business cards are a gateway to the networking world.


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