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Knet Credit Card Integration Kuwait

Being a team of payment gateway developers Kuwait

Payment Gateway service is one of E-Commerce milestones in general and in State of Kuwait in particular. Knet introduced this solution in the year 2004 as a new payment method through payment gateway. The Payment Gateway allows (Private and Public) institutions to collect funds for their products and services over the Internet. Knet Payment Gateway accepts all debit cards issued by its member banks in the State of Kuwait in a bid to serve the customers and merchants of those banks. The payment service is provided through internet for all government and private entities


Keeping in mind user profiles and the need for overall ease in configuration of Merchants, Users, Risk and Brand profiles. KNET Payment Gateway provides electronic payment services to serve government entities and private sector. Merchants utilize the services of professional to design, develop and implement their web site, hosting solutions and overall business management processes.

Risk Management is a prime business driver for any customer, be they merchants, banks or the customers shopping on the websites. The KNET Payment Gateway Merchant plug-in developed on the basis of the latest PCI DSS specs sends transaction data in an encrypted format to the Payment Gateway application.

Security in E-commerce should not be taken granted and the online payments system is where the admin has to put his efforts for the same. The KNET Kuwait payment gateway is one such integration that online store must have to accept secure KNET online payments. Chrisans has come up with shopify KNET Payments extension to integrate the website with knet payment gateway. The KNET payment gateway has international certification from EMV PCI. Also, the payment gateway processes around 5,000,000 transactions per month. Such reorganization and popularity have compelled us to develop the KNET payment gateway integration for online shopping store.

Chrisans KNET Payments extension enables secure payments on your business stores. Enabling this payment gateway redirects your customers to the KNET payment gateway to proceed and the completion of payments of their purchases.

The only requirement is that ecommerce website stores should have an SSL certificate implement prior to use this integration extension. Integrate the KNET payment gateway suite and enjoy increased sales in your business store! Also, win your customers' trust by KNET integration web solutions.


KNET is Kuwait's top and Premium payment gateway providers widely used in Kuwait for making online money transactions. We offer Custom KNET Payment Integration for Companies, Schools, Financial Institutions and Online Stores in Kuwait. KNET transactions can be done using debit cards issued by local banks in Kuwait.

Since 2011 we have started KNET Payment Integrations in Kuwait. We have made lot of Custom Intergations for KNET and developed Plugins as well.

  • Woocommerce Wordpress Plugin for KNET Payment
  • Magento Plugin for KNET Payment Integrations
  • Custom Plugins for KNET Payment Integrations
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