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POSGO - POS with Inventory Management System, HRM & Accounting

POS Management for Handheld and Mounted Devices


POSGO is an integrated management system designed to streamline Point of Sale (POS) operations, Human Resource Management (HRM), and Accounting functionalities into a cohesive platform. This robust system allows businesses to efficiently manage sales transactions, inventory, and customer relations within the POS module, ensuring seamless retail operations. The HRM component simplifies employee management by handling personal details, attendance tracking, payroll processing, and performance evaluations, thereby enhancing workforce productivity and satisfaction. The Accounting module meticulously records financial transactions, manages accounts payable and receivable, and maintains the general ledger, providing comprehensive financial reporting and analysis. By unifying these critical business processes, POSGO enhances operational efficiency, improves data accuracy, and supports informed decision-making, ultimately driving business growth and success.

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Features of POS


  • Cash Flow chart of the last 12 months.
  • Column chart of Sales, Purchases, and expenses of the current month.
  • Yearly bar Chart of Sales and Purchases.
  • Top 5 best-selling products monthly & yearly.
  • Overview of Sale, Purchase, Purchase Due, and Profit.
  • View Recent Transaction.
  • Product details with lots of customization options including uploading image.
  • Initial stock and automatic purchase.
  • Alert Quantity.
  • Add, edit, delete & view products and categories.
  • Import by product and category from CSV.
  • Print Barcodes.

Pos Screen

  • Category
  • Products
  • Order Discount
  • Shipping Cost
  • Open and Close Cash Register
  • Show Bill Screen to Customer
  • Filter products by category


  • The standard system for adding products with code numbers and Service information.
  • Product Batches and Expiry Dates feature.
  • Product Variants with a combination of multiple variants.
  • Product Code and Type feature.
  • Barcode
  • Product Category
  • Product Tax and Tax method (Exclusive or Inclusive)
  • Product details with lots of customization options including uploading image
  • Initial stock and automatic purchase
  • Alert Quantity
  • Add, edit, delete & view products and categories
  • Import by product and category from CSV
  • Print Barcodes


  • Add, edit, delete & view purchases.
  • Date-choosing option for previous purchases.
  • Set batches and expiry dates.
  • Set order discount.
  • Set order tax.
  • Set shipping cost
  • Attach document.
  • Multiple Payments for a specific purchase (add, edit, delete).


  • Add & view sales.
  • Set order discount.
  • Set order tax on both percentage and flat basis.
  • Set shipping cost.
  • Coupon code and discount.
  • Unit conversion between multiple product units
  • Multiple Payments for a specific sale (add, edit, delete).
  • Take payment with cash, cheque.
  • A4 and thermal invoice.


  • Add, edit, delete, deposit balance & view account holder details.
  • Add send money transfer, delete, and view money transfer.
  • View the balance sheet with name, account number, debit, credit, and balance.


  • User-oriented design.
  • Create customer.
  • Filter products by category.
  • Display of featured products.
  • Set order discount.
  • Set order tax on both percentage and flat basis
  • Coupon code and discount.
  • Add sale, payment & staff notes.

Stock Transfer

  • Transfer products between multiple warehouses.
  • Add, edit, delete & view transfers with status.


  • Add, edit, delete & view users, and assign roles.
  • Add, edit, delete & view customers.
  • Add, edit, delete & view suppliers.
  • Make a person both supplier and customer.


  • Summary Report of all transactions warehouse-wise.


  • Edit Logo, Site title.
  • Change POS settings.
  • Edit user profile, change password.
  • Create roles for users.
  • Add, edit, delete & view customer groups.
  • Add, edit, delete & view warehouses.
  • Add, edit, delete & view Tax rates.
  • Add, edit, delete & view brands
  • Add, edit, delete & view units
  • Add, edit, delete & view currencies
  • Add, edit, delete & view custom fields
  • Add, edit, delete & view discount plans and discounts
  • Role permission
  • General setting


POSGO is an integrated management system designed to streamline Point of Sale (POS) operations, Human Resource Management (HRM), and Accounting functionalities into a single, cohesive platform. It aims to enhance operational efficiency, improve data accuracy, and support informed decision-making for businesses.

The POS module includes features such as sales transaction processing, inventory management, customer relationship management, and sales reporting. It ensures smooth retail operations and provides real-time insights into sales performance.

The HRM module helps businesses manage employee information, track attendance, process payroll, and evaluate performance. It automates many HR tasks, thereby saving time and reducing errors, and helps in maintaining a motivated and productive workforce.

The Accounting module offers comprehensive financial management tools, including the recording of financial transactions, managing accounts payable and receivable, maintaining the general ledger, and generating detailed financial reports. It provides a clear view of the business’s financial health.

Yes, POSGO is designed to be scalable and can be customized to fit the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. Its modular structure allows businesses to implement the features they need most and expand as they grow.

POSGO employs robust security measures, including data encryption, secure user authentication, and regular security updates to protect sensitive information. Data backups and recovery plans are also in place to prevent data loss.

Yes, POSGO is designed to integrate with various third-party applications and software systems through APIs, ensuring seamless data flow and interoperability across different platforms.

POSGO features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, designed to be easy to navigate for users of all skill levels. Additionally, it provides comprehensive user manuals and support to assist users in maximizing its functionalities.

POSGO offers a range of support options, including online documentation, tutorials, customer service, and technical support. Users can access help via email, phone, or live chat.

To get started with POSGO, you can contact the sales team for a demo and consultation. They will help you understand how POSGO can be tailored to your business needs and assist with the implementation process.

POSGO regularly releases updates and new features to enhance its capabilities. These updates are usually rolled out automatically, with detailed release notes provided to inform users of new functionalities and improvements.
By addressing these common questions, businesses can better understand how POSGO can streamline their operations and contribute to their success.
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