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How to Rank in 3 Pack of Google Maps in a Short time?

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing<

While we search for a local service in google search engine, Google shows local 3-Pack of Google Maps before organic results across all devices, 70% of the users tend to skip the organic results since the 3-Pack block gives us all the info we need right away, so this is the best place where you would rather rank & promote your business. Let's keep a close eye on what are the procedures to get in google 3 pack in a short period of time.

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

1. Claim your listing with the help of google service, please follow below URL Visit:

2. Get rid of any duplicate listings on google.

3. Add your actual business name. nullify using a city name or a keyword unless you always include it in your business name.

4. Get a local number to add in google business info section & your business website contact.

5. Make sure that the business name & address on your listing matches with your website & other local directories you submitted your business.

6. Make sure that you use the correct primary category and use that same category for all your locations.

7. Please add a profile and cover photos, as well as other relevant pictures to bring your profile to life.

8. Add your business hours.

9. Link back to specific location pages on your website. If you have only one location, then link back to your homepage.

10. Use a login email that ties in with your domain name, rather than a personal one. works better that

Collect maximum positive Reviews

From 2016 surveys say that 90% of consumers regularly read online reviews & more than 60% of people are influenced by these reviews to choose a product or service on google.

Google Reviews is a major ranking factor for the Google 3-Pack. how to get more reviews?

You can ask directly or Send email to customers asking for a review on Google for your product or service. Don’t wait for too long to ask for the review—no more than a few days after the transaction and also Feel free to explain that your SEO expert tells you a review would work wonders for your rankings.

Make Your Business Website Mobile Friendly

Nowadays 90% of search traffic is coming from smartphones, as per many case studies of google search survey found that 4 out 5 people were searching on various devices for local information, and 88% of people searched on their smartphones with local intent.That's why responsive website Google loves more, mobile friendliness is a major ranking factor for Google 3-Pack.

Quality Backlinks

Always give importance to quality over quantity of backlinks If content is king, then the backlink is queen and this remains true even for local SEO.


Should focus on Major Area of backlinks:

1. Get your site listed in local directories. Make sure they have decent authority.

2. Create and promote amazing content with local search business keywords that will be shared and cited.

3. Create a local resource list e.g. best places to get abc near me.

4. Guest posting works great for building backlinks. Just concentrate on the high quality websites and make sure you link back to a useful page on your own website like a resource page.

Proper Optimize of Your Business Website

optimizing URLs, keywords, and title tags still matter. Even though Google has come a long way in their quest to understand user intent through machine learning, keywords and optimization still result in better rankings. Local SEO ranking factors study found that optimization tactics like having your city name in title tags, URLs, and in page copy did influence rankings even in this age of machine learning.

Unique and Quality Content

Unique content for a location page could be something as simple as writing a short history of that location, or Adding pictures and descriptions for that location.

Importance of Citations

Citations in directories also count as credible backlinks so you want to reach out to high-authority directories relevant to your business

Use a Local Phone Number

Do you want to rank for local searches, then you need a local phone number. most directories allow toll-free numbers alongside the local one so you don’t miss out if you have a nationwide business. maybe directory does not allow for a second number, use the local number users that search from the other country are not going to see your business in their local 3-Pack since you don’t have a physical location there.

The above strategies are a little overwhelming to take in and implement all at once, but they will definitely get you to a local 3-Pack position in the short term...

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